ETCFCU Latest News

Spring CD Special

Rates as high as:

  • 24 month 1.00% pays quarterly to CD APY 1.01%

  • 36 month 1.15% Pays quarterly to CD APY 1.16%*

  • 48 month 1.35% Pays quarterly to CD APY 1.36%*

*All rates are stated “as high as;” new money only (funds cannot have been on deposit the past 90 days); must have checking with Debit Card; minimum of $1000, max of $10,000; maximum of 3 spring special CD’s per person; promo subject to end without notice, auto renewal at then current rates.

New ItsMe247 Bill Pay is Live!

The new bill pay system is now up and running! Learn more about the new bill pay, and access some great tutorial videos by visiting the ItsMe247 Bill Pay page by clicking here.

We fully expect a high percentage of payee information to automatically convert to the new bill pay system. In the event that we are not provided with a biller address, you might be required to add the payee to the new bill pay system. If you notice a payee missing after February 25th, 2016 follow these 3 simple steps to add them back:

1. Find your most recent bill

2. Enter the payee name

3. Enter your bill information in each box and hit “Add Payee”

To learn more about the upcoming ItsMe247 Bill pay, follow the link for FAQs on what’s to be expected:  New It’s Me 247 Bill Pay.

Beware of Debit & Credit Card Scam

Please be advised that members are receiving scam phone calls related to their VISA and Debit cards. The people calling are not with the credit union and do not actually have any valid information. Do not give them any information, simply hang up. We suspect that scam is running through the entire area and not specific to East Traverse Catholic FCU. If our security department happens to call you regarding suspected fraud, they will in fact be able to give you verifiable information or will direct you to call the office at 231-946-6655.